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                ABOUT ZAC

                Product quality is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises

                ZIBO AGC ALUMINA MATERIALS CO., Ltd. (primitive name: Zibo Asahi Glass Alumina Materials CO., Ltd) is a China-Japan joint-venture company between Zibo Gongtao Refractory CO., Ltd. (GTC) and AGC Co.,Ltd. of Japan( primitive name is Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. of Japan) incorporated on 24th December 1993. In 2019 the company's name is changed to ZIBO AGC ALUMINA MATERIALS CO., Ltd. (ZAC for short).


                ZA Series products

                The ZA Series oxidized AZS fusion cast refractories are manufactured from high-quality industrial raw materials by a long-arc fused cast and unique oxygen blowing.

                Features of ZA series

                Have an especially high corrosion resistance to molten glass and excellent minimal contamination property and the performance of them are balanced.

                Scope of application

                Products are suitable for use in areas of the glass furnace where very high corrosion resistance is required, such as Throat, Dam, Bubbler block, Doghouse Corner, All Electric Melting Furnace ,etc.

                ZM Series products

                ZM Series Alumina fusion cast refractories are produced with highly purified alumina raw material which is melted at high temperatures of more than 2000℃ in an electric arc furnace and then allowed to cool and solidify in a mold.

                Features of ZM series

                Almost no matrix glassy phase, hence exhibit excellent minimal contamination to molten glass.

                Scope of application

                ZM-G products are suitable for Working End Sidewall, Paving, Channel, Canal,Crown etc. in high-quality glass melting furnace.

                CA Series products

                The high alumina cement is widely used in overseas as its high fire resistance & early condensate.

                Features of CA series

                The high alumina cement is widely used in overseas as its high fire resistance & early condensate.

                Scope of application

                In the production of CA cement our company uses both domestic and imported raw materials